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I'm Anna, a vet with a passion for travel, volunteering, skill sharing, teaching, and learning. 


I graduated from the University of Glasgow, Scotland in 2011 and since then I have worked in the U.K. to fund volunteer trips abroad. My trips have varied from 2 weeks to 6 months and each time I have traveled I have learned something new and been inspired by the kindness and dedication of those looking after animals in remote parts of the world. My career has included two years in mixed practice, two years in a small animal hospital, a rotating internship at the University of Glasgow and most recently a Masters in Veterinary Cardiology. 


My aim is to volunteer as a vet all over the world and share the skills that I have learned as well as learn from others. The skills I have are a high standard of first opinion small animal veterinary practice and some more specialised skills including echocardiography and abdominal ultrasound. 

If you want me to come and volunteer with you, sponsor a trip or are just generally looking for some advice, please get in touch!

Best wishes


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About Me
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I am a vet with a passion for travel, skill sharing and learning.